Fifty Shades Of Grey teaser.

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Interview with Szeretettel Hollywoodbol


AN: Also, you changed homes. You went from a big big house to a decent Rob Pattinson place.

RP: Well, in process, I keep moving, I feel homeless. I was working in Toronto and went to London for two months and worked in Toronto for six months, so now I’m trying to find myself a new spot.

AN: What would be the ideal home for you? What would it look like?

RP: I don’t know actually, the last time I bought that house, I just kind of fell in love with the house. It was just so insanely beautiful but I realized it was so nice that it didn’t feel like home, I could ever really touch it, so now I am trying to find a place that is a bit worn down so I can have my personal touches on it.

Seems like Where’s Waldo has a new friend in Where’s Roberto?